tequila, Jalisco

Tequila, located in the vibrant heartland of Jalisco, Mexico, is a captivating tapestry woven from threads of ancient history, revered traditions, and the tapestry of modern industry. This captivating town, nestled just forty-five miles away from the bustling embrace of the nation’s second-largest city, thrives as both the beating engine of a colossal national industry […]

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Preserving the Pristine Spirit: Tequila Free of Deforestation in Jalisco Nestled within the heart of Mexico, the state of Jalisco boasts rich natural landscapes that have, unfortunately, been under siege due to the conversion of forests and jungles into agricultural plots. This rampant transformation, primarily driven by the cultivation of Blue Agave, has led to

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In the enchanting world of tequila production, where each sip embodies the essence of Mexico, rules and regulations govern the intricate dance between tradition and innovation. Central to this symphony is the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), a guiding force that meticulously oversees every facet of the tequila landscape. One of its paramount edicts declares that

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